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Jack Ransome


Jack Ransome

Jack Ransom, a ninety-three-year-old World War II veteran, lives with his eighty-two-year-old wife, Maddie, in the Ayrshire seaside town of Largs. At the age of ninety he mastered the computer to write the story of his eventful life. Born in Peckham to working class parents, his youth was spent in Deptford and Greenwich. During the war he was captured by the Japanese at Singapore. After the war, employment and marriage was initially found in Scotland, but life had its difficulties. Recently Jack has given talks to Rotary Clubs, Round Tables, and Church Groups.


  • The Scottish Cockney

    Jack’s story begins in 1920 in the London distracts of Peckham, Deptford, and Greenwich, enjoying life as a Cockney Lad in pre-war London, unaware that the years ahead would foster difficult times. 

    Paperback | eBook
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