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Huda Al-Hassani

Huda Al-Hassani

Huda A. Al-Hassani was born in 16th Jan 1983 in Basrah, Iraq to be the youngest daughter for a family consisted of father, mother, three brothers and three sisters. It was essential in her nurturing to appreciate literature and arts. After she pursued her B.A. in English Language at University of Basrah/ Basrah/ Iraq and MA in Contemporary Literature & Culture at Brunel University/ London/ UK, she started to work as a lecturer at University of Mosul/Mosul/Iraq to teach general literature, novel and drama in English. Then, she began with writing. She also directed and edited a one- act play in English to be rewarded the first rank for both directing and editing in Mosul University's Creativity Competition.


  • Love & Life: Forty English Songs

    Forty songs of love and life, loss, longing and resolution. Songs about being together, about being alone, about the joy and the pain of being in love, what it feels like as it starts and how it feels when it ends.

    Paperback | eBook