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Gerry Wycherley


Gerry Wycherley

Wycherley was born in Shropshire and moved to Wolverhampton early in the war. He was educated at Cardiff University in the 1950s and became a teacher. He worked as a teacher until the '70s although didn't feel he fitted comfortably in the role. Retiring from teaching, he decided to try his hand at writing, with minimal success. His first attempts were dismissed as too long and complicated. It was about this time that he developed an interest in genealogy and discovered the fascinating story of William Wycherley. Yet again, his first attempts were dismissed as too long. The Man Under the Elm is the result. He hopes more will follow.


  • The Man Under the Elm

    Daniel Wycherley was a powerful, devious figure whose progress had been checked by the Civil War. His eldest son, William, was destined for other things, but at seventeen, he was set for many adventures.