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Eva Elle Rose


Eva Elle Rose

Eva Elle Rose was born in Denver, Colorado. Raised in poverty by an abusive stepfather after her mother left her and her four siblings at the age of three. She ran away at the age of fourteen and lived with her boyfriend's family until she was sixteen. She fled their house, after abuse, to a girlfriend's house whey they housed her until she was eighteen. Eva started work aged sixteen at an insurance company where she met a sixty-five year old woman who adopted her at the age of nineteen. She took classes at night to further her education. Married at thirty she had twin boys and lives with her husband of thirty-one years.


  • All We Had In Common

    The bonds we forge in life can sometimes surprise us. The closeness which can develop between two people who, on the surface, appear too different or too distant can turn into something which defines us as a human being.

    Paperback | eBook