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Eulalee Boddington


Eulalee Boddington

Dr Eulalee was born in Jamaica and moved at a young age to New York. Here, she went to school and later went to University in Ohio. Having completed her studies, she travelled to Turkey where she met her husband to be. They later moved to Brazil and then, two years later, moved to Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands where Eulalee finished her doctorate degree. After an idyllic lifestyle that offered little financial reward, they moved to Saudi Arabia and worked for a University in Riyadh. During these years, Eulalee produced and published three academic books and won a poetry award, wrote many educational journals and many manuscripts on change in educational systems, produced paintings and held exhibitions, gave workshops and was invited to attend many international conferences. Eulalee has been fortunate to have been able to explore many different countries, cultures and religions and enjoyed people, humanity and life itself (one of the reasons that she has become a resident on the beautiful island of Rhodes, Greece).