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Elaine Mercieca

Elaine Mercieca

I am a nursery nurse and massage therapist born in Burnley, Lancashire U.K. I married my Maltese husband and have lived in Malta for thirty-five years. We have two grown children, a boy and a girl. After suffering much illness, allergies, urticaria, endometriosis, M.E, two miscarriages and my third baby, a son, Lucas, lived only eight hours after being born. I was also diagnosed with a brain tumour. I met with many doctors, nutritionists and alternative therapists, read many books and learned a little from each, striving for better health, which I now enjoy. I realized how many other adults were searching for self-help books, mostly after suffering in one way or another. I decided Self-love was the most important factor in being healthy and wanted to write this story for pre-school children so they can understand the importance of self- love at this early age and hopefully saving much suffering in later life.


  • Self-Love Star

    Self-Love Star is a character who will delight young children as they enjoy this tale of an ordinary star that falls out of the night sky and lands on Earth.

    Paperback | eBook