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Dennis Talbot


Dennis Talbot

Dennis Talbot was born and raised in Derby. He married Pauline in 1968 and they are still married 45 years later. They like and laugh at the same things; they're a team. Together they have three children who have given them eight grandchildren. At 55, Dennis left the electrical industry to take up a freelance job as a road safety consultant. He's met hundreds of wonderfully amusing people in his two careers and many of the things that happen to Josh, the main character have been inspired by just listening to ordinary folk. Putting them down on paper has been great fun for Dennis.


  • Best Foot Forward, Ellingham

    Joshua Tolson, son of Walter Tolson the car manufacturer, is once again persuaded to invest in a risky enterprise, this time by his friend Spotty, in the USA.

    Paperback | eBook
  • A Small Price To Pay, Sir?

    Josh Tolson, younger son of Walter Tolson the car manufacturer, is talked into a risky enterprise by Jane, his ex-fiancé, just at the time when he's trying to track down Liz, his new love.

    Paperback | eBook
  • Look Lively, Ellingham

    In this the third book in the series, Josh has no alternative but to take nine-year-old Angelica (hooligan in ankle socks) to the zoo. When catastrophe and mayhem gets them thrown out, he hopes that's the last he'

    Paperback | eBook