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David Quigley

David Quigley

Feeling that I might have already taken on more than my fair share of life's challenges, the enterprise of writing a biography, or any sort of book, for the first time, did seem quite an unusual thing to find myself doing in my mid-fifties. Though it has been a thoroughly rewarding new experience and one which I would like to try to develop in future years, it's always a difficult question being asked where my writing influences come from, because an ailing family business permanently suspended me from scholarly life at the age of sixteen, and limited my academic background to a very ordinary level public school education. While I hope my writing shows, that even this may still have been a great benefit for me to have had, I have little doubt that my Irish-Italian extraction also played a part in planting an imagination in my consciousness, long before my writing days began to dawn. 


  • Beyond the Aterno

    The true story of  Addis Amicarella, who was born in the small commune of Acciano high above the Aterno River valley just before the outbreak of the Second World War.

    Paperback | eBook