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Daniel Walsch


Daniel Walsch

Daniel Walsch has been part of the communication field for more than forty years as a journalist, public relations professional, press secretary, speech writer, instructor and author. His most recent books include A Strategic Communication Approach to Crisis Situations: A Case Study Analysis of Transformative Events at George Mason University and Northern Illinois University, published in 2011 by Lambert Academic Publishing; and Communication Wars: Our Internal Perpetual Conflict and Organizational Spokemanship: So You Want to Become a Press Secretary, published in 2013 and 2014 respectfully by Cognella, Inc. Also, he maintains a blog, "Why Communication Matters," that may be accessed at He is an accredited public relations professional as certified by the Public Relations Society of America. He earned his PhD in communication at George Mason University. Dr Walsch resides with his wife in Fairfax, VA.