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Clara Wesley

Clara Wesley

Clara Wesley, the Canadian author, is an educator with a BA plus Master of Education degree. Her first three novels, Alec's Journey, Son of Alec, and Malakiak, Dog-Sleuth, were Inuit-oriented. Her first adult novel, Four Girls Named Clara, relates the story of four generations of Englishwomen, spanning from the 1890s to the present day. 
Clara Wesley loves travelling, classical music, and ballet. She is an avid fan of both detective novels and T.V. dramas.


  • A Year at Animal Academy

    The Academy is set on an island in a lake, somewhere in Canada, and is run mainly by owls. It is a benign regime (not a dystopia like Animal Farm) under the kindly, wise and newly-elected principal Oswald Owl. 

    Paperback | eBook