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Chandrakant Bhonsle

Chandrakant Bhonsle

Chandrakant Bhonsle, a graduate in Law, was born in Raipur, India. 
He married Veronica Bhonsle in 2019. Veronica Bhonsle, a Business Administration graduate, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Both Chandrakant and Veronica share a common interest in the protection of wildlife which they were fortunate enough to experience by visiting some of the renowned forests in the world. 
Concerned by the plight of animals they developed this book as a contribution towards helping the environment by making an attempt at creating early consciousness among children about the importance of preservation of the animals.


  • The World Belongs to Animals

    Nature has gifted us some incredible teachers, They are all different from each other with remarkable features, A tortoise famously taught us that slow and steady wins the race, Monkeys have played their part in dis

    Paperback | eBook
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