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Catherine Taylor


Catherine Taylor

I have been working with dyslexic adults for many years, in various capacities and through teaching basic skills to adults and post-school learners. I currently work in a local Further Education college, where my role is to assess potentially dyslexic learners across a wide age range, and to teach them using specialist methods. I also provide staff development sessions, to enable teaching staff to recognise dyslexia indicators and help their dyslexic students. When I began teaching adults with specific reading and spelling difficulties in the early 1980's, the term dyslexia was rarely used, or it was sometimes viewed as an "excuse" for poor reading, writing and spelling. I can remember wondering, at that time, why a minority of adults with literacy difficulties did not learn how to read and spell like others, even though they were obviously bright and verbally articulate. It was then that my career-long interest in specific learning difficulties began. I am often asked questions by people I meet who believe that dyslexia is causing their problems, and I have always wished that I could help a wider range of people than those with whom I come into regular contact. Then I had the idea of writing this book, so that I could reach as many people as possible, and help them to help themselves.