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Carmen Haines

Carmen Haines

Carmen Haines grew up in a small rural town of New Zealand.  Her love of writing poetry started at an early age, inspired by her father ‘Pete’ who loved story-telling and encouraged her to write.  Later in life she moved to Auckland where she now lives with her husband and two children.  She began writing stories again when her children were young.  ‘Abbey McFly’ was written for her eldest child as a fun way to talk about the consequences of not telling the truth! Carmen works as a paediatric emergency nurse and educator.  “I work with children every day, this enables me to see the magic of storytelling and the joy children get out of reading or hearing stories. In my work as a nurse I use distraction and storytelling which more often works better than analgesia!”


  • Abbey McFly

    Little Abbey Mcfly must learn not to lie. As when her lies grew her friends became few. Is she lying again - or this time is what she said true?

    Paperback | eBook