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Bill O. A.

Bill O. A.

I am a qualified chartered accountant with fellowship member status with the ACCA. I also have two degrees in Agric Economics and Accounting. I currently work with a multinational as an accountant. I am a lover of entertainment in all its forms. This book is a work of fiction; I did a review and have come up with a percentage of a hundred, thus publicly declaring that this story is truly for the purpose of entertainment. With all that said, it is also proper for me to identify that all fictional works, just like this one, have elements of truth that have been rearranged; in other words, a story has been told here that never existed, but in actual fact, key elements in it really did.


  • The Touch

    From darkest Africa to sunny California, from a village in Vietnam to the victims of a serial killer

    Paperback | eBook