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Barbara Anne


Barbara Anne

Hailing from the United States, Barbara Anne is an author who has always been passionate about children's literature. She embraces the whimsy, curiosity, and enjoyment played out on every page of a children's book. A former early childhood educator and mother of two, now grown, sons she has devoted much of her life to expanding the minds and imaginations of children. Those experiences, coupled with her artistic ability as a lifelong DIY crafter, have fuelled her talent as a writer. In every story she creates, she hopes to inspire exploration and wonder with every turn of the page.


  • Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

    With a wave of a wand, you can make bubbles any time of the day. Sparkling with every color in the rainbow, bubbles come in all shapes and sizes, from big and round, to teeny and tiny.

    Paperback | eBook