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Audrey Maloney-Vangen


Audrey Maloney-Vangen

From the twin Island of Trinidad and Tobago. I was born in Trinidad to Evelyn and Gordon Maloney, both from the Caribbean Spice Island of Grenada. Growing up in a small village named Quarry Drive Champ Fleurs, where much discipline and respect for your elders were a part of everyday life. All of which has made me into who I am today. I am proud to belong to the Rich Caribbean culture that is remarkable. I am the wife of Stephen Vangen, my love! The mother of two daughters Chenelle and Shanice Maloney who means the world to me. My darkest moments were when Shanice passed away in 2013 from Head and Neck Cancer at the age of twenty. Despite my trials and tribulations, God has stood by my side, He allows me to find beauty still, in the gift of life. 
Are you ready to take that Journey with me? I give Him all the Glory and praise for keeping His Arms around me. Blessed Be His name.