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Alyson Maier

Alyson Maier

Alyson is a naturopath, herbalist, and mother. She can often be found in her garden or wildcrafting in the forest, and not far behind her will be her son and husband, helping her collect wild medicinal and edible plants. Alyson's love for nature began as a small child, where she enjoyed spending most of her time outdoors. In an effort to enrich our bedtime reading with our kids, Alyson set out to create a series of short stories that educate and inspire our children to live in harmony with the Earth, whilst also taking them on an imaginative adventure.    


  • Dandelion Medicine

    Did you know that regular plants, commonly called 'weeds' can be good for you, or that you could eat them? Join Sammy and his grandad as they explore the benefits of their natural surroundings, and see if you can